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Retail Express Integration

Enabling Integrations into POS, 3PL or e-Commerce Websites.

Our M Connect platform now supports Retail Express integrations. The Retail Express integration behaves in a similar way to our other ecommerce connectors - it allows sellers to import products from their Retail Express instance to their marketplace seller account, sync stock levels and prices, as well as push orders back to Retail Express for fulfilment. Our Retail Express integration also supports multi-store setups. To setup a Retail Express integration, follow these steps:

Steps within Retail Express:

1. First, you'll need to contact Retail Express support to ensure that your account is API enabled.

2. Once confirmed, login to your Retail Express instance to retrieve your "Client ID". This can be found by navigating to the 'Help & Support' -> 'What's my client ID?':

retail express image5

3. Take note of the "Client ID" as you will need that to setup the integration in M Connect.

4. Next, you need to make sure that all of the products you want to sync with Marketplacer are API enabled and have a source group set. To do this, navigate to 'Inventory' -> 'Product Search':

retail express image2

5. Find a product that you want to sync, click the 'Edit' icon and scroll down to the "Web" section, enable "Export To Web Service", and click the source groups that you want to source inventory from.

Note: failure to set either of these will result in that product not being imported to Marketplacer. You will also need to ensure you have setup the sales channels and source groups in your Retail Express settings. If you need help with that, please contact Retail Express support

retail express image8

6. If you have a number of products that you want to enable, you can leverage the bulk CSV tools provided by Retail Express to make changes to larger groups of products.

Steps within Retail Express:

Once you have setup the products in Retail Express, login to your marketplace and navigate to the seller account's Integrations Manager.

1. Click 'Retail Express' and 'Set my account type':

retail express image7

2. Continue through steps 2 and 3 to configure the sync settings and apply any currency conversion if necessary.

3. Once you reach step 4, you'll need to input your Retail Express credentials to authorise the integration. The details required are your Retail Express Username, Password, Client ID (which you copied from an earlier step) and Web Service URL (the URL of your Retail Express instance):

retail express image3

4. If your details were correct, your integration has now been set up. If there was an error, please contact Marketplacer support. Once the integration has been set up, proceed to click 'Review settings':

retail express image1-1

5. On the settings page, you are able to configure how you want the integration to work. There are some options that are specific to Retail Express that should be set (highlighted below).

Note: if you do not have valid GTIN barcodes, you should enable 'Ignore barcodes' to ensure products are still imported:

retail express image4

6. Once you have finished configuring the settings, click the 'Update settings' button.

7. Finally, navigate to the 'Imports' page and click 'Start Import' to begin importing your products and kick off the integration:

retail express image6

Key Features & Highlights

Automated Price and Availability Updates

Connect your POS or Webstore system to BikeExchnage to save time so you can focus on what matters most: running your store and helping customers.

Automatic Advert Creation

Either direct via your product feed, via our mapping tool or take advantage of our huge product database of over 300.000 products worldwide.

Integrations to all leading POS systems

BikeExchange is a leader in POS and Shop connection technology, we work with a wide range of systems and file formats to ensure that your store is always up-to-date.

Control Pricing via Pricing Filters & Rules

Allows you to control price, make updates to pricing for special promotions, as well as choosing the right sales channel and approach. The ability to change the way discounts are displayed.

Customer Service

Our technical customer service team will support you through the set-up and integration of your new connection and offer practical insights to get the most out of your account.

Easy configuration options to suit your needs

We're offering a range of set-up options including FTP hosting, API access and two way connections to push orders back in to your system.

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