BikeExchange Connect

WooCommerce Integration

Enabling Integrations into POS, 3PL or e-Commerce Websites.

To establish an API connection between WooCommerce and BikeExchange, please follow the steps below that you will need to implement on your WooCommerce Admin.

Refer to the 'Generate API keys' section in this article from WooCommerce to get your API consumer key and secret. We will explain in further detail below.

1. WordPress Permalinks must be enabled at: Settings > Permalinks


2. To generate the API Keys needed for BikeExchange, Go to: WooCommerce > Settings


3. Once the Settings page loads, navigate to Advanced > REST API. Select the "Add key" button to generate an API key needed for BikeExchange.


4. Add a Description e.g BikeExchange. Select the User you would like to generate a key for in the dropdown (this user needs to have admin access). Select the level of access (Permission) to Read/Write access. Select Generate API Key, and WooCommerce creates API keys for that user.


5. After you select the Generate API Key, a page similar to the below will appear. Please copy both Consumer Key & Consumer Secret keys. These two keys will be entered into BikeExchange.


6. Shown in the image below is BikeExchange's BE-Connect, and how the data above from WooCommerce should appear on BE-Connect. You will need to enter the Store URL, Consumer Key, & Consumer Secret. Once this data is entered, select "Submit".


7. Congratulations, you're FINISHED! Once successful, a screen similar to the below image will appear. Select "Start Import" and wait 24 hours for your products from WooCommerce to appear in BikeExchange.


Key Features & Highlights

Automated Price and Availability Updates

Connect your POS or Webstore system to BikeExchnage to save time so you can focus on what matters most: running your store and helping customers.

Automatic Advert Creation

Either direct via your product feed, via our mapping tool or take advantage of our huge product database of over 300.000 products worldwide.

Integrations to all leading POS systems

BikeExchange is a leader in POS and Shop connection technology, we work with a wide range of systems and file formats to ensure that your store is always up-to-date.

Control Pricing via Pricing Filters & Rules

Allows you to control price, make updates to pricing for special promotions, as well as choosing the right sales channel and approach. The ability to change the way discounts are displayed.

Customer Service

Our technical customer service team will support you through the set-up and integration of your new connection and offer practical insights to get the most out of your account.

Easy configuration options to suit your needs

We're offering a range of set-up options including FTP hosting, API access and two way connections to push orders back in to your system.

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